What is Mitzvah?

A mitzvah is a good deed. If you help someone, you are doing a mitzvah. If you take out the trash for someone, you are doing a mitzvah. If you do the dishes, that’s a mitzvah! Another meaning of mitzvah isĀ commandment. With this meaning we know that Bar Mitzvah is Son of a Commandment, or Bat Mitzvah is Daughter of a Commandment. So if you have your Bar or Bat Mitzvah and you do a mitzvah project, that project should be a mitzvah, a good deed.

Do you have to be Jewish to do a mitzvah?
Absolutely not! All kinds of people, from every culture and place on earth perform Mitzvot all the time. If you’ve ever put someone else’s needs before your own, you’ve already done one.